Construction Materials

It takes great effort, significant investment and detailed planning to complete a commercial or residential project. Every satisfactory real estate property requires conservative calculation, meticulous supervision and artistic eyes for each component of the building, from the building materials, to structure, to small and seemingly trivia elements like wallpaper, floor carpet.

As the market taste has become more refined and diverse, a small tweak to the color and texture of the floor tile, or a deliberate installation of a Mediterranean wall tile could alter the ambience of the entire house. Tiles, along with wallpaper or paint, has been one of the decisive elements in eliciting and enhancing the aesthetics, the quality, practicality and impression of the entire structure. A house installed with wood-look porcelain tiles gives off a sense of warmth, coziness, elegance while minimalistic tiles exude a chic and modern atmosphere to the property. It is, therefore, of great importance for a contractor and house dweller to choose the most appropriate style and class of tile for their future project.

Tiles can be classified in different methods, based on their surface, the installation surface, manufacturing process and water absorption. One way of categorizing that installer should notice is the practicality, which could depend on the construction type, i.e. whether it is a commercial or residential project, the tiled area, i.e. whether it is a frequently wet area, or an outdoor section, and so on. Out of available tiles, ceramic and stone tiles are the most popular and well-known because of their cost-efficiency and diversity in textures and types.

We offer in-depth consultation service in choosing the most suitable tile for your project, as well as a comprehensive catalog of different products to cater to your preference and budget. Our experienced staff is proud to assist you in every step of your house construction, and help you build the project of your dream.