Some About Grand Global USA

Grand Global USA is a consultancy firm that provides high-quality and professional advices on a myriad of immigration – investment fields, focusing especially on immigrant investor programs, financial investment, and real estate investment in the U.S. and other developed countries such as Australia, Canada and other European countries.

We pride ourselves on the mitigating risks and maximizing the success rate of investment and immigration process for individual clients.

Our board of leaders and staff consist of successful and extensively experienced entrepreneurs and professionals in international investment and immigrant – investment programs. Additionally, we partner with top-tier law firms and counsels who have been involved in the such programs with notable awards and accolades.

Our utmost priority is to rigorously fulfill the demands and needs of our clients and investors, protecting their investment and rights. It is Grand Global USA who will be your trusted companion from the beginning to the end of the process.

Corporate Philosophy: Beneficial investment – Honest Consultancy –  Trustworthy Service

Our fields: U.S. Immigrant Investor Program, Real estate investment in the U.S. and Australia, U.S. financial investment, Immigrant Investor programs in other countries.

Partners: Our partners are among the largest and most prestigious law firms in the U.S. in the EB-5 industry, as well as esteemed regional centers and major developers in the U.S. With the accumulated experience and expertise in legal matters, market and management,  we will bring the most effective and safest investment result to our clients.

Skills 90%
Experience 80%
Creation 85%
Enjoy 95%

Many Reason Why Choose GGU

Knowledgeable – Professional – Confidential


Our leader board are veterans in immigration and investment fields, who have more than 10 years working successfully in the business.


Our top priority is the interests and rights of our clients. We are committed to the protection of your immigration status and the benefit of your investment by personalized solutions.


We liaise closely with various leading international partners in the field to ensure a local and international approach to your demand. Our combined strength will pave the way to your success.